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Africa Institute for Charity is the premier institution for nonprofit leadership and management, dedicated to capacity-building, training, research and development of sustainable approaches aimed at equipping nonprofit executives and stakeholders; for effective communication, proper accountability and maximum impact.

We draw strength from traditional African communal solutions to our challenges by optimizing the sacred satisfaction of self-probity, to effect the much needed positive change in our society.

We blend ancient African care with international best practice. It is our believe that the yearnings for experiential deliverables by our communities could be properly addressed by vision driven leaders and practitioners fortified with the right information on modern day economic variables and data base projections.

Therefore, the emergence of nonprofit leaders equip with the globally certified tools to disrupt and develop transparent result-oriented guidelines that will super charge charity, philanthropy and nonprofit services in Africa, becomes imperative. 

We are internationally recognized impact charity institution for top notch nonprofit leaders and practitioners, with certification from prestigious National Development Institute, United States and world class Medallion Holder of Best Practice Charity, as the continental champion member of National Association of Nonprofit Organizations and Executives (NANOE), Washington, U.S.A.


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