The most recent World Humanitarian Data and Trends, published by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), records that more than 130 million people worldwide depend on Humanitarian Assistance for survival.  Accurate and accessible database is important in taking informed decisions by critical nonprofit stakeholders. This is crucial in a world where environmental and humanitarian crisis are increasing in complexity, frequency and duration, thereby exerting pressure on the limited resources with competing demand on charitable services.

Therefore, Africa Institute for Charity identifies, investigates, defines and articulates areas of nonprofit sector practices that inhibit organizational growth and community impact. Our work is based on doctoral methodology, experiential interactions with concerned communities, volunteers, donors, board members, executives and relevant government bodies.  Deployment of our field tested mechanisms of capturing and recording the undercurrents of nonprofit challenges, opportunities and impact; will aggregate into:

a. Collection:  Data collection of functional nonprofit organizations operating in Nigeria.

b. Evaluation Process: Evaluating the collected data, authenticating the channels of reference and tools deployed.

c. Storage and Management: Storage and management of evaluated data for development and further references.

  • Sharing: Data generated could be shared with funders and stakeholders. Processed data are necessary requirement for corporate and individual donors as well as overall nonprofit best practice.
  • AFRICA INSTITUTE FOR CHARITY (AIC) will build a reliable donor database for nonprofit organizations in Africa. Nonprofit practitioners will access information to meet philanthropists and funders who share specific passion on how to serve communities with their resources.


Africa Institute for Charity (AIC), will create the platform where, nonprofit executives, academicians, philanthropists, volunteers, policy makers and affected communities, will share experiences, knowledge and approaches to review and develop new set of competencies and frameworks that will increase impact in the Third Sector. It will recommend and embrace changes in structure and operations of nonprofit governance, leadership and impact assessment.


Experiential coaching and hands-on training for individuals, groups and organizations on short and long term career in nonprofit management, philanthropic giving and charitable services. This will enhance evidential service delivery, professionalism and high impact.


Mentoring on best practice charity and consultancy services in nonprofit fund management, accounts auditing, monitoring and evaluation, as well as onsite visits for risk assessment, loss prevention, reduction and adjustment.  We will also help corporations in identifying areas of charitable interventions in our communities.


The activation of interactive media windows for non-stop engagement with stakeholders is paramount. Our official website is fully optimized for virtual online links on cloud based information and specialized trainings individuals, donors, charitable organizations need to actualize their nonprofit missions. Syndicate publication of nonprofit real news and investigated stories with our strategic nonprofit media partners will help in tracking activities and drawing attention to areas of need.


Africa Institute for Charity (AIC), as part of its social enterprise mandate, will track and evaluate activities of companies in our environment on how they impact on the communities they operate.  By tracking the doings of For-Profit Organizations’ corporate social responsibility reports, AIC will advocate for tax rebate and legislations that will encourage such firms in tackling the increasing demands on community based nonprofit issues. This will complement the competing needs confronting governments with limited budget. We will also publish periodic Reports on Nonprofit Charitable opportunities and public policy challenges.  Africa Institute for Charity (AIC) will also sensitize and mobilize on policies and programmes by Federal, State and Local governments that are inimical to nonprofit charitable works.


Africa Institute for Charity (AIC) is the first Institution in Nigeria and Africa, to be duly licensed by the Federal Ministries of Justice, Education and incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) to research, educate, coach, train and issue certificates for the promotion of professional standards  in Nonprofit practice. Our courses and programmes are developed and implemented through practical research methodology and experiential environmental approach, vetted and certified by National Development Institute, USA. We are fully accredited by the United States only Unifying Nonprofit Legislative Council (NANOE) that oversees the codification of guidelines that govern sound charitable practice.


  • You become internationally certified Nonprofit Professional equipped with the global best practice capacity in charitable practice.
  • Enjoy global recognition with international charity organizations for funding, employment and consultancy in nonprofit sector.
  • Special International Recognition for donors and funders as Humanitarian Nonprofit Champions.
  • Special access to local and international grants, funds and donors for nonprofits mission accomplishments.
  • Recommendation for local and international nonprofit services.
  • Opportunity to attend annual Mega Gifts Ramp-Up Programmes in the United States, powered by National Development Institute, USA.
  • Opportunity to attend the biggest bi-annual Nonprofits’ event in the United States, NANOE Board of Governors Convention and Expo.
  • Authorize to use AIC badge and designations in public title on complimentary cards, letterheads, websites etc..
  • Have their names and certifications recorded in the database and published periodically.

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