Aims and Objectives
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Aims and Objectives

  1. To engage in researching, educating and training of practitioners and executives of nonprofit organizations.
  2. We seek to coach, train, and interact with nonprofit leaders about matters related to scale, sustainability and impact.
  3. To promote advocacy in the area of ethics and values for manpower development in nonprofit services.
  4. To engage in conducting and analyzing data and surveys in the field of the nonprofit sector.
  5. To research on the scale, sustainability and significant impact of nonprofit practice in Nigeria and how they transform the communities they serve.
  6. To provide a genuine platform for promoting professional standards in nonprofits practice in Nigeria.
  7. To host forums, trainings, conferences and events and issue certificates of participations to participants.
  8. To partner with both local and international philanthropists and stakeholders who share our passions and vision to improve the charitable sector’s value.
  9. To encourage change, innovation, creativity, flexibility and adaptability in individual and organizational practices.
  10. We partner to create change by learning, reflecting, discovering and innovating together, as we change and respond to challenges; we all grow in understanding, skill and experience.